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About Master Skill Training and Work Profile -

Master Skill Training is an online 1 to 1 teacher-student platform where students from all over the world can learn various skills of their choice all from the comfort of their homes. This platform will connect the teacher and students over Skype / Google Meets and the teacher can teach and the student online over video call.

We are open to any and every possible Skills that a teacher can teach.

Examples of Skills -

Piano, Guitar, Cooking, Languages, Dancing, Drawing, Yoga, Business Skills, Makeup, Photography, Craft etc.

For your understanding -

1. This would be a fully flexible freelancing opportunity for you, you may stop anytime you wish, you can choose the days and hours when you will be available and the same shall be uploaded on the website. You can do this additionally along side your current work / job.

2. You shall be paid by the hour. Ie an hourly rate will be fixed with you and each class would be of a certain duration for eg. 1hr and your payment shall be calculated accordingly.

3. You have to conduct these classes from the comfort of your home over Skype / Google Meets (We will guide you to set this up for you).

4. We will be doing online marketing of your subject on various platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook etc. in a huge way so as to get many students to take up the course that you will be teaching.

If you have any doubts of questions please feel free to mail us on cs@masterskilltraining.com with us and we shall be happy to answer all your queries.


Sample Remuneration Calculation -

Assuming your remuneration is US$10 per hour and you get classes of 2hrs per day it would work out to US$600 per month, with just 2hrs of work daily.

Assuming your remuneration is US$10 per hour and you get classes of 3hrs per day it would work out to US$900 per month, with just 3hrs of work daily.

Assuming your remuneration is US$10 per hour and you get classes of 4hrs per day it would work out to US$1200 per month, with just 4hrs of work daily.

And this is just with 2,3,4 hrs of work, when the classes increase it can be much more!

Please note this is not a guarantee, it completely depends on the number of students that sign up for your class. This is just a sample calculation for your understanding.

You are requested to fill up this basic questionnaire so that we can process your application -


Thank You!

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