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For many yoga is just a form of exercise but for Diksha, yoga is a passion! Diksha loves to share her passion with others and finds happiness when she has the opportunity to lead people deeper into physical fitness and push others to live a healthy lifestyle along with mental peace and happiness.


Diksha holds 10 years of teaching experience. Graduated from Sri School by yoga under The Art of Living roof also holding an RPL -Government of India certification makes her force to reckon with in the field of yoga and fitness.

Yoga is a traditional form maintaining its originality, Diksha serves and practice Hath Yoga and Iyengar yoga.


Diksha through her yoga would like to help others and push them to achieve what she has been able to:

• If someone is already practicing or has adequate knowledge, Diksha will help those to improve on their postures, stability, strength, and experience a lighter and flexible body.

• For beginners and those who are initiating yoga for the first time, she will train them from the basics and help them to reach their fitness goals, no matter what age, weight, or body type they belong to.

• Supporting life – Senior citizens, people with health challenges/issues, people facing issues with anxiety, hypertension, etc.

• Kids above 7 years – can experience fun-filled yoga, games, and mediation. 

• Teenagers – she will help them improve their strength, stability, and achieve a flexible body and also alert their mind.


For any Questions, Queries or Doubts feel free to call us on our 24x7 Support Number - +1 (855) 855 8463


Levels Taught: Beginner and Intermediate


Requirements: Yoga mat and blocks


Tutors Experience: 10 Years Experience


Language: English


General Available Time Slots:

(Highlighted in Green) (24 Hour Format)


EST - Monday to Sunday



GMT -Monday to Sunday 



CET - Monday to Sunday



SGT - Monday to Sunday



AEST - Monday to Sunday





You will be issued a personalized certificate on completion of the course.


Plan Validity:

Beginner - 6 Months Validity

Intermediate - 6 Months Validity

Full Course - 9 Months Validity

5 Classes - 3 Months Validity

10 Classes - 4 Months Validity

15 Classes - 6 Months Validity

20 Classes - 8 Months Validity


You may complete the classes at your pace before the expiry of the validity.


For any Questions, Queries or Doubts feel free to call us on our 24x7 Support Number - +1 (855) 855 8463

Yoga by Diksha - Starts at $28/hr

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