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7 years of working as a professional dancer, and a successful YouTube channel later, Vivek Dadhich decided to teach what he learned in nearly a decade, to prospective dancers in under 10 classes. His professionalism as an artist knows no bounds, while as a skilled instructor he is highly knowledgeable. In addition to learning the moves of Bollywood dancing, Vivek will also take you through the art of performing on stage, and engaging an audience with your steps and dance act.


In addition to Bollywood, Vivek is also proficient with other dance forms such as Hip-Hop, and his highly engaging videos give you a quick preview of what being taught by him is like. He is both immensely patient and passionate about what he does, which means he will guide you through each step until you’ve entirely mastered it.


Vivek is extremely creative, and his choreographies are a testament to his abilities. Not only are they easy to follow, but also highly fun to partake in. And once you become great at one, you will have a host of new moves to impress your friends with!


Vivek’s Bollywood dance classes span across a range of levels, which means previous experience as a dancer is no bar to joining his course. Even if you consider yourself a beginner or someone with a lousy left leg, join Vivek’s dance course and soon you’ll be the best dancer in your gang.


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Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


Requirements: Comfortable dancing shoes for all your best moves


Tutors Experience: 7 years

Language: English


General Available Time Slots:

(Highlighted in Green) (24 Hour Format)


EST - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


GMT - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


CET - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


SGT - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


AEST - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


Class Structure:
The classes will be centered around a choreography by the instructor, and involve hands-on learning. The instructor will take you through the steps bit-by-bit. The more basic Bollywood dance techniques will be covered in the initial classes, and the complexity of the steps will gradually incline.



You will be issued a personalized certificate on completion of the course.


Plan Validity:

Beginner - 3 Months Validity

Intermediate - 3 Months Validity

Advanced - 3 Months Validity

5 Classes - 3 Months Validity

10 Classes - 4 Months Validity

15 Classes - 6 Months Validity

1 Month - 4 Classes - 3 Months Validity

1 Month - 8 Classes - 3 Months Validity

3 Months - 12 Classes - 6 Months Validity


You may complete the classes at your pace before the expiry of the validity.


For any Questions, Queries or Doubts feel free to call us on our 24x7 Support Number - +1 (855) 855 8463

Bollywood Dance 101 By Vivek Dadhich - Starts at $32/hr

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