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Priyanka is an entrepreneur who owns and runs the successful “Happy Health 4 U” fitness studio, it is a fitness studio, working towards a Healthy and disease-free society through altering lifestyles, it pays attention to the inclusion of workout routine basis the individual requirements and deals with diet modifications depending upon medical issues and dietary habits.


Priyanka is a nutritionist, fitness coach, and wellness coach. She holds numerous degrees namely the M. DFSM, PGDPR, BMLT. She has interned at the prestigious Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. She has a staggering 11 years of experience in the field of Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition and health are a new way forward. More and more people are moving towards becoming healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle.  Becoming and moving towards a healthy lifestyle requires the right guidance and with 


Priyanka’s vast experience and knowledge, she is the best fit for the job of teaching someone who wants to learn the same and help others.

For any Questions, Queries or Doubts feel free to call us on our 24x7 Support Number - +1 (855) 855 8463


Levels Taught: Masters


Requirements: Gym Ball (55cm – 85cm) depending upon the height of the attendee


Tutors Experience: 11 years

Language: English


General Available Time Slots:

(Highlighted in Green) (24 Hour Format)


EST - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


GMT - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


CET - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


SGT - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


AEST - Monday to Sunday

24 Hours


Class Structure:
Priyanka conducts her classes in the below-mentioned fashion:

• 1-hour structure – 10 minutes warm-up

• 30-minutes – Ball Exercises

• 10-minutes – Stretching

• BALL Exercises to:
Loose Areas:


Mention the concerned area before the sessions as a plan would be made accordingly.



You will be issued a personalized certificate on completion of the course.


Plan Validity:

Full Course - 5 Months Validity

5 Classes - 3 Months Validity

10 Classes - 4 Months Validity


You may complete the classes at your pace before the expiry of the validity.


For any Questions, Queries or Doubts feel free to call us on our 24x7 Support Number - +1 (855) 855 8463

Ball Exercises by Priyanka - Starts at $38/hr

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